Prama srl is a company that works in the period furniture sector.
It was born a few years ago from the commitment of a handful of businessmen who decided to combine their resourcefulness, farsightedness and creativity with the innovative spirit,and more than three decades of experience, of their most significant collaborators. This business initiative was also able to make the most of the excellences of the induced economy consisting in the best small, owner-operated companies.In other words, Prama srl is the result of the synergy and expertise of its in-house production departments combined with its induced economy, consisting for the most part in qualified and selected small owner-operated companies. All these pool together to fulfil the company’s original purpose:  to produce top-quality period furniture.

In particular, Prama srl is specialised in the production of bedroom, living room and hallway furniture in the period style, either in solid wood or veneered with various wood types.
Prama srl in able to create, design and produce its own furniture as well as cabinets designed by professionals and/or other companies.
Prama srl manages all the orders, from the purchase of the raw materials to the delivery of the finished product.